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About Wilen Art 

Finding the magic in the world 

 I am a self taught active artist in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  My style depicts earthly elements-enhancing them with vibrant, soul - filling colours. Heavily inspired by the Canadian landscape and Lake Superior, I create works of art that reflect and represent the beauty of this region.

Our shop, Wilen Art & Supply can be found in the urban market, Goods & Co, in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The shop acts as my art studio space and retail location, showcasing my latest original artwork and a variety of unique products! All the goods are designed by Wilen & few trusted staff.  Through the shop we also host art and yoga workshops, paint nights and yoga events. Its a healthy party! 





The Story

Throughout my life, I have always been drawn to adventure and taking small itty bitty risks. Where did it begin? At 18, after graduating high school, I loaded my luggage on a Grey Hound bus and moved across the country to Vancouver, B.C.

After graduating fashion school, I tree planted for a few seasons (weird right?) and then went on to complete my diploma and degree in Environmental Management at Lakehead University. During this phase, my dad passed away and I dove hard into my creative process, painting series and displaying them at local coffee shops, hosting a few small art exhibitions here and there and attending tons of craft events. 

While working in my "chosen" career, travelling on off seasons to surf and adventure all while pursuing art on the side, everything came to a head during the pandemic and I needed to choose what path I actually wanted to give my heart too.


When Goods & Co Market in Thunder Bay, Ontario was being developed during lockdown..I decided to quit my Environmental Technician job and open up Wilen Art & Supply..FULL TIME.

Meet The Team

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