Shop includes painted designed, eco friendly, natural rubber Yoga Mats.

-Our yoga mats were designed to help inspire a tranquil, calm and intuned lifestyle on and off the mat.  Created of images inspired by beautiful NW Ontario landscape - to help deepen your roots. 

-Already own a vikwilen yoga mat? Donate & Exchange your used mat to the Faye Petersons woman shelter and receive 25% off of your next mat purchase! 


All designs were first HAND PAINTED and edited digitally by Vik Wilen. Designs are 100% original and unique.


Constructed from a natural, recycled- rubber base, with a micro-fiber printed surface. Natural rubber is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource  and won’t retain moisture like other synthetic rubbers.


For added grip, lightly spray your mat with water. Studio disinfecting sprays work well on the fiber surface and help to keep your mat fresh and clean. For a deep clean choose either a vacuum or use your washing machine. YES a washing machine will work and not damage your mat (I have tried!) Do not tumble dry or iron. Always ensure your mat is completely dry before rolling up and storing.